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The Many Markings Of The Natural Cowhide Rug

The Many Markings Of The Natural Cowhide Rug

A superior and premium quality cowhide rug will add an extremely unique and luxurious focal point to the d├ęcor in your home, office, or business. There are never two exactly alike since no two cows are alike, so you are sure to have a distinctive and versatile rug to exhibit. Such a rug is also very durable while being soft and silky, is hard-wearing, and is hypo-allergic. Those assets make it a good choice to have around children.

Taking your budget into consideration, know that uniqueness and size are the largest factors. A normal hide will have a lower cost than an unusual or rare one.

What are the basic available colors and markings?

Choose from black, white, brown, brindle, combination of two colors, tri colours, spotted, striped, speckled, prints, zebra stripes, and others. The size of the desired rug and the other colors and textures in the designated room and its furniture and accessories will help you to make a selection that will blend in well.

The most common variations

Tri Color: These are the most unusual and beautiful hides as they are so unique. Colors usually range from light to dark browns or white and black combinations.

Brindle: Also known as tiger, they have stripes of browns and black that run along the spine and may have some white on the edges.

Black and white or brown and white: These are the most common colors, but there is a great variation in the patterns.

Animal Prints

Exotic animal prints may feature tiger, zebra, leopard and giraffe prints. Not only are these perfect as area rugs, but they are also often used as throws, upholstery, and wall hangings.

Color Dyed

These are a bold and captivating addition to any decor. The dramatic colors are stylish, sophisticated, and very 21st century!

Cleaning your Cowhide

You want to keep your special rug in excellent shape. It does not require extensive cleaning. You can simply vacuum gently. Often a good shake outside will remove small particles of dirt and dust.

You can wipe the cowhide smoothly in the direction that the hair goes. Use a damp but not wet cloth, mild soap, and water.

Using a broom or a plastic brush will help to retain fluffy and soft hair and aids in removing larger particles and dirt that may have gotten into the hair.

DO NOT attempt to dry clean or wash in a washing machine.

For spills such as wine, juice, tea, coffee, food, soup, and others — soak up with a sponge or paper towel immediately. Solid matter can be removed using the blunt edge of a knife and gently scraping in the direction of the hair. Wipe with a damp cloth or sponge with a mild soapy solution.

For oil based stains such as grease, fat, tar, lipstick, or chewing gum — Remove with a knife as above. Apply Eucalyptus oil directly to the area by dabbing gently with a soft cloth. Again, wipe with a damp sponge or cloth using mild soap. You can vigorously rub or wipe the hair in any direction. This is not guaranteed to remove the oily stain, but it is the best method to try.

Store cowhides in a dry place and rolled around a tube covered with a cotton sheet. That will protect it from dirt and dust during storage.