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A Flooring Guide for Newly Found Engineered Flooring

A Flooring Guide for Newly Found Engineered Flooring

Engineered Flooring usually called as Engineered Wood Flooring composed and compacted with two or more layers of wooden planks to form the flooring. This wood flooring is laminated with a top layer called lamella seems so beautiful. The stability of this flooring is achieved mainly by running every layer at 90 degrees angle to the lower layers. It can be installed as alternative to conventional flooring as the look will be good and can be installed with a very low cost. Globally, engineered flooring with wood is reputed and is the most common type of wooden flooring today. In this type of Engineered flooring, there are several types like Veneer floors, acrylic impregnated wood flooring, vinyl flooring etc., Sometimes you will get confused with the type of flooring as they almost look like wooden floors with a laminated over their surface.

Engineered flooring once installed is difficult to sort from ordinary conventional flooring. Even people with keen eye could not detect the type of flooring and may be fooled. Solid plank floor and engineered flooring almost looks alike. Though they seem different, they are two different things. Whether the flooring was created with planks of with engineered really confuses you surely. Engineered flooring is less expensive when compared with solid planks but very easy to install. Engineered flooring add classical look to any home. As long as you be in the house for years together, the flooring add you warmth, value and character. Though the characteristics of wooden floors are different, they will however help you to have excellent look with warmth and value.

Actually engineered flooring is used to construct the first floor of a home built on solid concrete slab with limited expenditure. As the technology headed in these twenty years, you could expect more than what you need than plank floors. Different styles of engineered flooring include Kingsbridge Oak, Tarakan Teak, Cherry Engineered Floor etc., Every floor has its own style and characteristics. It is important to find more resistant to moisture and more stable flooring. As the nature of wood is to absorb water, no wood products stand tolerating water standing on it. Limited moisture will not create problem at any time. Most of the engineered wood floors increase stability and moisture tolerance giving long term efficiency to the flooring.

High quality engineered flooring ranges to a thickness of maximum 3/8″ and minimum ¾” which could also be said as 1cm to 2cms. The top layer shall be thicker as the look of the floor vests with it. If the top veneer is very thin, the floor may not seem finished and good. Moreover, it will lose its life with excessive use of the flooring. The layers of the engineered flooring are also important as they play vital role in the final price.

Depending on the quality and thickness of the layers of planks, the life of the engineered flooring can be estimated. Thus it is important to pay attention for inside as well as outside of the flooring. However the top layer shall look good and it is very important. At the same time the inside quality planks is also important to give long life for your engineered flooring. This flooring guide will certainly help you, if you are looking for engineered flooring in your home or office.